Author Topic: Debbie?  (Read 305 times)

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« on: 28.03. 2017 08:32 »
I hope no one here is in the path of cyclone Debbie in Australia.

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Re: Debbie?
« Reply #1 on: 28.03. 2017 09:45 »
Thanks for the thought Greybeard. Terry is in Townsville, about 200km north west of the eye  . I'm 2000km south and will feel it on Thursday as rain and moderate wind (now what would Musky call moderate *????* >:D)
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Re: Debbie?
« Reply #2 on: 29.03. 2017 05:43 »
I know what she did in Dallas... 
& now she's given Bowen one hell of a blow job..    *whistle*  *countdown* *shh*
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Re: Debbie?
« Reply #3 on: 29.03. 2017 15:15 »
 ^^had to happen *eek*  A while back I did work for a guy named Dallas whose missus was Debbie....

 We watched a few scuds go past from the ocean from late morning, but didn't get wet butts until 2 or 3pm, but being committed to what we were doing, had to stick it out, and got a bit wetter from the next scud  but bailed before it started being fair dinkum precipitation- but had to ride in it anyway, with no jacket- was already wet though, so not a prob. At least the Beeza fired up ok without much argument *smile*....those protective bits of heatshrink over the boots on the maggie pickups seemed to help.

 Don't expect to be doing much tomorrow (today now)
 Edit; just had a look at the radar and it's become a rain depression heading inland where it's needed, and dumping on some of the headwaters of what becomes the Murray/Darling river system, so maybe that'll keep at least some people happy..(might miss where I am)
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