Author Topic: Can a A10 spitfire scrambler exhausts fit an A10 plunger?  (Read 287 times)

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The A10 is soon back on the road but I'm thinking of getting som new exhaust pipes. I've got a sidecar on the right hand side of the bike (which the dog rides in) and I'd like to fit some exhausts as far away as possible to try and protect the dogs hearing. So both exhausts on the left side would be grand. I've seen that the A10 spitfire scrambler exhausts sit on the left side and look pretty cool to boot...My question is whether anybody knows whether they will fit a plunger A10?

Failing that, I'm thinking of just buying some 38mm steel tubing from the steelyard and ask them to bend it into shape (if they can do that at the local steelyard) :/
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G'day Owain.
I recon you could make'em fit. Might generate a bit too much heat to the battery.
I'd use the std headers and see the local car exhaust shop to fabricate a collector pipe to exit the left side.
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