Author Topic: Kick pedal not returning  (Read 449 times)

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Kick pedal not returning
« on: 18.05. 2017 09:12 »
I've just rebuilt my engine and gearbox but my kick pedal doesn't want to spring back up after kicking. I twisted the spring tight during assembly, thinking that it will help return the kick pedal quickly...Is there a particular method of reassembly that I missed? The kicker returned fine before dismantling everything.
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Re: Kick pedal not returning
« Reply #1 on: 18.05. 2017 10:28 »
You will have to open it and inspect.
Am supposing you can return the kick by hand, with nothing jammed. Spring twisted off it's 'hooks', or broken ?

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Re: Kick pedal not returning
« Reply #2 on: 18.05. 2017 10:40 »
Hola owain, is it a flat spring or a 'round section' one ?
   Either way,  and ?'m no expert but suggest that it doesn't need more preload/winding-up than what comes 'easy' (if  that makes sense?)
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Re: Kick pedal not returning
« Reply #3 on: 18.05. 2017 11:16 »
I agree ,one end secured of the spring attached to the case by a screw ,push the shaft with the kickstart rachet on through case and centre of the spring ,with the shaft fully home refit kickstart lever pull assembly back to engage the other end of the spring  onto kickstart cog/rachet wind the spring using the kickstart lever and then use the clutch atcivating arm to stop the kickstart unwinding and until you are ready to reinstall.
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Re: Kick pedal not returning
« Reply #4 on: 18.05. 2017 13:42 »
You should be able to remove the end cover leaving the gear lever and kickstart lever installed. Just undo the screws and nuts and pull the whole assembly off whilst holding the kickstart lever in its upward position. If the kickstart mechanism looks ok it could be that simply disturbing the outer cover has caused a slight misalignment of the kickstart bushes. The act of loosening the cover and retightening it may resolve the problem.

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Re: Kick pedal not returning
« Reply #5 on: 18.05. 2017 22:00 »
Had a similar experience when I once only changed the kickstart ratchet pinion because I found the quadrant still good enough. Like yours, the kick went down but wouldn't come up anymore. The problem was a different teeth profile between pinion and quadrant.
I ordered a new quadrant from the same supplier and all was back to normal again.
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