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Re: wet sumping
« Reply #30 on: 14.09. 2009 17:07 »
What Trevor said.  WD 40 or SAE 20 in the bores and then wipe it down.  A small amount of lubricant will remain in the crosshatch.  Using this method, the rings will bed quickly and efficiently.  I've been doing this for years on both air and water cooled motorcycle and auto engines and it's only failed me once when I had a set of rings that weren't round.  My race bikes do not get run in, they maybe get a few gentle warm-up laps....maybe 40 miles tops before they get thrashed.  I have yet to have a set of rings fail to seat properly in those.

So, moral of the story: don't over-lubricate your bores when installing new rings.
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Re: wet sumping
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Perhaps wet sumping is a cry from the heart to be ridden?

I could never fit a tap or valves in the oils lines - I will definitely forget and one day bang. I had a blocked oil line once on a B40 and by the time I noticed the clunking getting louder, my motor was completely shoot.

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