Author Topic: Hot engine power loss  (Read 854 times)

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Re: Hot engine power loss
« Reply #15 on: 08.07. 2017 23:11 »

If the condenser goes open circuit on a coil ignition, such as your Morris, it might idle ok and then miss and splutter when you give it any throttle.

   That was the exact situation the day I went to dig My A10 out of bush storage 7 years ago, an hour up the highway, and then uphill for 15Km. Went fine (like a Rocket) until the last bit of uphill suddenly started missing.
 Loaded the bike on and had to do 100Mtrs up the driveway to the road- lucky had Low range 4x + Detroit Locker diff, which dragged it up ok at low revs - quick beer at the Pub and down the hill, but as soon as I hit a slight uphill lost all power and did the spluttering...

 I thought it must be crap in the carby, so gave it a BIG foot-full, and after a bit was an almighty BANG *eek*; split the muffler wide open...struggled into town (luckily downhill), and as I had to work the next couple of nights, parked up at the train Station and caught train back.

 Freaked out for two days that it might be vandaized, but ok.

 So when I made it back on the Saturday, cleaned the (clean Webber) carby out again to no avail, so started changing bits progressively, and when I did the Condenser, VROOOM-VROoOM *smile* ....I'd never had one fail on me before, now keep a spare (and still have a spare coil and plugs I didn't get to).

 still have that condenser- pulled it apart to see what's in there ; not much  *conf2*, so read up on 'em.

Started building in about 1977/8 a on average '52 A10 -built from bits 'n pieces never resto intended -maybe 'personalised'
Have a '74 850T Moto Guzzi since '92-best thing I ever bought doesn't need a kickstart 'cos it bump starts sooooooooo(mostly) easy