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Re: Split Link
« Reply #15 on: 11.07. 2017 18:30 »
A unit construction Norton? Must be a lightweight

Wearing out a chain on a Norton Jubilee would be an achievement.

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Re: Split Link
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Depends on the brand of Chain,, (#1 on the Andy Chain guy in the UK) but people do all kinds of things to make it work,  On older bikes that rarely get ridden I use a local chain company and their  530 HD grade chain works great and lasts a long time.  They make a regular 530 too and for lightweight bikes its fine.  Its important to know your dimensions when sourcing a link, for example the above company supplys 530 in regular and HD (Heavy duty).

(Dealer price-warehouse cost is even cheaper)

Some turn down their sprockets and run a 520 O ring and that was the hot trick for a long time but the problem is heat treat on the sprockets and not for the timid.

But many seem to run the modern X ring chain and they have extensive benefits but with out the clearance issues when running the 530 width in X ring.  I have a few boxs of them to try but have not been riding much lately so untested but a prelim clearance check shows them having a great deal of promise.

I would HIGHLY recommend ALWAYS carrying a spare master link. (many reasons)  But the modern chain requires the pins to be smooshed into place so not easy to remove and replace is the only downside.  (Plus a good tool to do it).   Was just discussing chain options with another guy and while chains have their place,, I LOVE  *loveit* *loveit* the belt drives on primarys and final drives,  I have a number of Buells and several Sporties and I just think its the greatest thing in the world,.  Not really relevant here except for the primaries..  But thats my opinion *smiley4*
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