Author Topic: Late model A10 cranks in early style A10 cases???  (Read 1283 times)

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Re: Late model A10 cranks in early style A10 cases???
« Reply #15 on: 19.07. 2017 00:53 »
Thank you BB, that is helpful.  I will be mocking up some of my stuff this week after being well rested and lubricated at our cabin up in the woods.  (There might have been tequila involved and still humming "Got lost in margaritaville and looking for my lost shaker of salt")

I spent some time pondering carb choices, and cyl heads.  I have several late model heads and going to tempt fate and ask which should i modify, But the dual carb idea is not neccesary but would look very cool on this build.  As I said, the frame already has a Superflash dogleg,
I am not  a big fan of Amal concentrics, but while I have a pair of the Mk 1.5s and big collection Mk 2s I keep picturing a pair of Amal Monoblocs and have a couple pairs of Handed (L&R) sets and they would look good in there sandwiched together.  Picturing a custom airbox coupled with velocity stacks or customized Dshaped Vokes air filters..

You are correct, those look like late model Triumph T140 manifolds and I have a few sets of those.  That certainly gives me ideas, but I would LIKE to try and fab in a downdraught setup if possible (maybe not).  Another option is Triumph T100R daytona bolt on manifolds and this would splay outwards the carbs.  Test fitting and mockup will be the test here.

Same here,, we have determined my frame was not a factory racer, although I am still sending to the BSAOC for any history I can gather.  The parts for this project are all out of old shop inventory and swap meet finds.  Its truly a BITSA=Bits of this & that.   I am currently mocking up a similar bitsa out of a mix of late 40s and early 50s parts for a BSA single Goldie BITSA.
Big fin DB motor in a 49 chassis. (upgrading the forks and brakes as well).

I also have all the parts collected for a UAV M641.  (UAV=Urban Assault Vehicle in the spirit of the RV in "stripes" the movie) as its a collection of M20, C11/12 rigid frame, 441 victor and other BSA parts.  Being built as a 1940s rigid frame style with a unit Plonker.

Should give the "Anal retentive bolt polishers" a  lot to be upset about as several friends locally refer to them as well.  Rivet counters is rather pedestrian.
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