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« on: 16.07. 2017 20:08 »
A friend of mine has had a mini moto stashed away in his garage for a few years, and unsurprisingly when he dragged it out a couple of weeks ago it would not start (no spark). A quick check with a mulimeter revealed that the coil was U/S, and so a new one was purchased and fitted. Still no spark. Well, it turned out that the new coil unit had been coated with a protective layer of varnish. A quick going over with some abrasive paper at the point where it fitted on to the crank case, and hey presto sparks! The plug was put back into place and it started instantly. My friend was a very happy bunny. Now I have to pose this question, are we supposed to be telepathic? The varnish was a very thin layer and it was not easily detectable what had been done. I wonder why there was not an information sheet enclosed  to explain the fact that before fitting to get a good earth connection the varnish has to be removed at the point of contact where the coil bolts on to the crank case. I am also wondering how many other people have bought new coils and have been puzzled by the fact that they did not have a spark? Just to make it clear the varnish looked just like the coil metal work had been plated. Anyway it's all sorted now, but the cause took a bit of finding.