Author Topic: Advice needed - engine tightening up - help - tips  (Read 15643 times)

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Re: Advice needed - engine tightening up - help - tips
« Reply #120 on: 13.09. 2009 14:03 »
Hi Nigel,
The filter I am using with the adaptor is from a peugot I think? Coopers Z2177, I think most filters are pretty interchangable now??
If you have difficulty finding the adaptor let me know I can get them from an electrical factors near here
There was another post recently about the crank nut/ worm not fitting
A good cycle shop will have a 9/16 X20 LH tap for reclaiming pedal crank threads (same as worm/nut)
Hope you get some enjoyable miles?
I did a couple of hundred yesterday on my SR, Very enjoyable vintage run in west Cork, there were 4 other A10's there
Mines the nicest tho!!! *smile* *smile* *smile*
At last we are having some fine weather
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Re: Advice needed - engine tightening up - help - tips
« Reply #121 on: 14.09. 2009 18:55 »

Thanks for the information on the filter. I went out for a couple of hours yesterday and had a good run, took it nice and easy and she is basically running lovely - the sound is simply fantastic.

I spoke to them at Draganfly and suggested they inspect their "nuts"  *smile* and will send the worm and half nut back. SRM are sending me new ones, thought I would also add a new pressure release valve to the order.

Thanks for the tip on the cycle shop - was wondering how to get my hands on a tap.

Thanks also to all who have helped me get the GF back on the road and I really appreciate the forum super! Next job is the slipping clutch but I will start a separate thread for this.


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