Author Topic: Gear box & clutch strip down  (Read 972 times)

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Re: Gear box & clutch strip down
« Reply #15 on: 30.07. 2017 11:58 »
Use an impact wrench to tighten the center bolt.

should that read Use an impact wrench to SLACKEN the Centre bolt,
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Re: Gear box & clutch strip down
« Reply #16 on: 30.07. 2017 12:20 »
It'd be a good idea to fit one of these SRM nuts while you're in there. Kill 2 birds with one stone. 
Yep, that is what I intend to do.

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Re: Gear box & clutch strip down
« Reply #17 on: 01.08. 2017 02:59 »
While I have a variety of clutch locking tools (many inherited from other shops or owners or purchased cheap at swap meets/autojumbles) I rarely use them and they sit on a pegboard in my shop.

Instead, +1 for the Air Impact.   Dont go crazy and strip the nuts, make sure your sockets are secure and nice fit. NEVER use an impact with a poor fitting socket, But most (3/8ths or 1/2" drive) have a knob near the air intake and you can crank down the pressure to start, only use what you need to break it free.

Keep in mind SOME nuts are LH thread!  Sometimes turning briefly in a tightening direction and then reverse to loosey is helpful. (unless LH Thread always repeat over and over "Lefty loosey, Righty tighty!)  Air impacts are one of Gods gifts to enrich our lives along with beer!

Do you guys know the German torque sequence????

#1) Tight
#2) Fukken Tight
#3) Fukken tight until it squeaks
#4) Fukken tight until it squeaks and 1/4 turn!

Back in the day I had a calibrated elbow and wrist. I could guesstimate a torque with a wrench by hand  very accurately. and same with a air impact via my wrist would tell me proper torque.
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Re: Gear box & clutch strip down
« Reply #18 on: 03.08. 2017 20:42 »
Some people use the "tighten till it strips then back off 1/4 turn" method.
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Re: Gear box & clutch strip down
« Reply #19 on: 03.08. 2017 22:45 »
 Work buddy and I were cajoled into installing some (10) couplers with ten 14mm, grub screws on each, onto 50mm steel bar (that's 100 grub screws).
 The torque figure we were given was 'when the heads snap off '  *eek* (permanent fixtures)- used a 700mm breaker-bar and body weight
 He got what he asked for *wink2*
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Re: Gear box & clutch strip down
« Reply #20 on: 03.08. 2017 23:54 »
 I think its more likely the opposite.

 People restore or rebuild things and dont tighten the fasteners enough.

 I think when you know how much work has gone into something, you are overly cautious when it comes to torque. Of course you dont want to strip studs or break off bolts.

 I think its a good idea to tighten a few bolts down, then go back and remove one. If it almost falls out by itself, you need to do something different.


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