Author Topic: prime the rocker feed  (Read 3053 times)

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Re: prime the rocker feed
« Reply #15 on: 25.06. 2009 11:39 »
Thats OK Ray,

Being Ex Navy i have an old Anchor on the pillion I just throw over the side when i need to stop!

The twin leader on my Bonnie seems to stop quite well, the 8 inch on my Thunderbolt not so good *eek*

When i had my B40 i had wound it up on a long straight when a bus decided to pull up to let passengers off, i lent it out to go round it but there was a JCB digger coming the other way, not wishing to take my chance with either the Back of a Bus or a Digger i hauled it up onto the footpath, i had not thought about the alighting passengers!!! they soon scattered!! OOPPPSSS! i did actually pull up, walk back and apoliguise.

Kind Regards
Steve Rickman