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Re: nearside exhaust
« Reply #15 on: 08.09. 2017 01:36 »
I dont remember where I read it, if it was here or somewhere else.

 But the poster said the Fekked pipes do not fit either, and they also complained about the service. I hope someone here has ordered and fitted a set and chimes in. I hope they fitted right up, because its time I ordered an exhaust.

 Mine is a 58 also, it seems like its hard to order things because 58 is treated like a change over year for everything. *conf*

I got my pipes and silencers (about 2 years ago) for my A10 58 from Fekked and the pipes L and R did not fit I had to take them to my locale exhaust shop to bend them a bit to make them fit (cost to much to send back from OZ) not perfect but OK and they were also to long had to cut a bit off the pipes.
Having said that my mate down the road a bit got a set of pipes and silencers for his A10 59 about the same time from Fekked and they fitted perfectly, as some one said that 58 changeover time things got a bit grey *pull hair out*

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Re: nearside exhaust
« Reply #16 on: 08.09. 2017 09:14 »
My bike is a 58 also.
I recall that when I removed my silencers some time ago, I noticed that the pipes had B33 stamped on them not A7. but they fit perfectly.
My bike is a 1958 A7SS
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Re: nearside exhaust
« Reply #17 on: 08.09. 2017 09:43 »
The A10 pipes and silencer changed for 1958 season with frame numbers starting FA7 - the bikes with full width iron hubs.

First illustration from 1958 catalogue and second from 1957 - you can see the difference.

You cannot mix parts - 1958 pipes must go with 1958 silencers and pre 1958 pipes with pre 1958 silencers.

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Re: nearside exhaust
« Reply #18 on: 10.09. 2017 03:21 »
Hi RDFella, I'm interested in seeing how well your changes "look", would you be able to do a before/after pics with a closeup of the mods please?? The reason is I have old Armours (new) pipes/silencers bought years ago for my resto and have yet to fit them, but I know (now) that I will have trouble because I bought 1956 pipes and 1958 silencers  *sad2*, not realizing all those years ago they were matched sets  *eek*. I wont be fitting them yet, but am keen to have some options available for when I do, thanks