Author Topic: Anti-wetsump device.  (Read 4564 times)

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Re: Anti-wetsump device.
« Reply #15 on: 16.06. 2009 19:33 »
DT andA10gf - cant recall which hole the valve is in but with the pump off you can see the ball ( might need a torch ) and it can be pushed gently off it's seat with some soft probe ( I use a cotton bud with the wool removed - well their for imortant little places)

Ronnierockets - thats one neat job and I say that even though I'd rather go with a valve which I did until I stripped the engine down, from then on I took the valve off assuming the original set up would work when all nice and clean - and it does.

Josh I can only say when my bike did wet sump the oil level in the tank did drop.

All the best - Bill
All the best - Bill
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Re: Anti-wetsump device.
« Reply #16 on: 17.06. 2009 00:37 »
Josh, the complete contents of the oil tank will end up in the sump, I know from experience!
The problem arises from having a gear pump which has necessarily clearance between the gearset and the housing.
Oil will flow around the gears and should be stopped by the check valve in the crankcase behind the delivery port.
Over the years, the valve seat will have become pitted etc. and the spring will have lost tension therefore oil will leak past.
Another source of leaks is the pump body joints and possibly the mounting face.
The amount of oil in the scavenge pipe is negligible and if it leaks back it will not cause a wet sump.
So I guess the answer to the problem is to make sure the check valve is seating properly and has enough spring tension when the engine is pulled down. Otherwise, live with it or start the bike regularly.

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Re: Anti-wetsump device.
« Reply #17 on: 17.06. 2009 01:46 »
Thanks Bill, Trev and other,

If the tank level drops well, no argument from me.

I have purchased the SRM stainless oil pressure valve, how will this effect the pitted valve seat scenario ?.
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