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rebuilding magneto you self
« on: 09.09. 2017 19:50 »
My magneto on the A10RGS "motor" was rebuild in 1995 by SRM with CNC made cam ring.

Worked well for 15000 miles with propper service each year.

The dynamo packed in and fitted with a belt drive, the prinary cover need to be removed.

Checked the condition of advance unit. It was ok, but the mag suffered from huge radial and axel play.

Removed the mag and pulled it apart.
Need new front bearing, seal etc.

Tools made as Brightspark drawings.

New bearing, bearing isolators, shimed front bearing and end bearing cover to min.end play.
The new bearing resulted in more accurage ignition and smouth running.
Timing set to 7,8 mm BDT for RGS tuned engine with 95 octan LF petrol.

Found stickey pick up brushes. Cleaned gum and oil off.
The rebuild was an easy job, the hard job was tool making....

Tools etc.