Author Topic: Gearbox Repair Service.  (Read 442 times)

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Gearbox Repair Service.
« on: 18.09. 2017 15:15 »
After nearly 40 years of faithful service, the old gearbox was in need of some attention. Play in the mainshaft was causing an oil leak, and the third gear whine was becoming intrusive. and it generally felt a bit sloppy.

I heard Greybeard (I think?) mention Richard Clamp on here a while back, so I gave him a ring. From the off you just knew he knows what he is talking about, and he only does pre unit and plunger gearboxes, and only those of the B.S,A, marquee at that!

I don't like using unknown 'experts' as a rule, but the only thing that put me off Richard was the small amount he charges for his work. It didn't seem possible to get a good job done at his prices.

Anyway, I sent him the 'box' with fingers crossed. On receipt he 'phoned and asked in what condition I wanted it to look like when he sent it back, apparently some folk like them not looking too new, which would show the rest of the bike up.

Within a week it came back with a blasted main casing, and mirror polished inner and outer casings...........It looks brand new! Not only that, having covered a couple of hundred miles on it over the weekend it works as good as it looks. No more oil leak, you have to really listen for the from new third gear whine, and the gears select beautifully. Even with the engine not running you can select all the gears, and once 'over cam' as it were it just falls into the next gear with a real positive click.

Well there it is, I don't know the man from Adam, and this is the first time I have spoken to him, but if your thinking of having any work done in this department I can't recommend him highly enough.

Richard Clamp...01827 737 220......... He does accept boxes from all over the world as well.

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Re: Gearbox Repair Service.
« Reply #1 on: 18.09. 2017 18:39 »
I've quoted your post in 'Services, Parts Suppliers, Manufacturers, Gearbox servicing'
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