Author Topic: An odd occurance  (Read 649 times)

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An odd occurance
« on: 20.06. 2009 13:47 »
I like to use my bike as much as possible so in keeping with that philosophy provided that it is not pouring down with rain I use it to commute to work. This is a 30 mile round trip. On my way home yesterday I went to change up from 3rd to top gear only to discover that the gear change pedal had fallen off. Luckily a suitable place was at hand to pull up and park the bike. I walked back a few hundred yards and found the pedal in the lying in the middle of the road. I put the pedal back on the splines (I did not have any tools in the tool box) so I was unable to tighten the bolt. I have no idea how long the pedal had be loose, but crucially I was still able to select the gears. Anyway I made it back home by holding my foot against the pedal to prevent another loss of the pedal. The pedal was not so loose that it was slipping on the splines but it could be pulled off of the splines easily. I was able to turn the bolt nearly 1 1/2 turns. I have now used some Loctite thread locking sealant in order to hopefully prevent this happening again. On further investigation it was apparent that the operating shaft clip ring was loose, and I am guessing that that the movement of the shaft probally caused a hammering effect that knocked the pedal off. I think that removing the clip ring and fitting a circlip together with a spacier might be the long term solution. Has anyone else experienced this problem and if so how did you fix it?