Author Topic: Is your sludge trap clean?  (Read 1226 times)

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Re: Is your sludge trap clean?
« Reply #15 on: 20.10. 2017 08:08 »
What about if you are running the bike the way it came out of the factory and change the oil regularly ?

Once again I bring up Rhett.
He bought an A65 that would not hold oil pressure and a bit latter on a second one to ride while he was rebuilding the first.
Rhett was a seaman doing the Bass Strait to Botany Bay run.
When Rhett came in from riding his bike , he put it on the center stand, wiped he chain then lubed it while still hot.
After that he turned it off & drained the oil tank, then took his helmet off.
When he had accumulated enough one use oil he changed the oil in his F150.

Around 80,000 miles latter on he sold this said same A 65 still with the same low oil pressure problem it had when he first bought it.
There were 2 very small modifications made to his bike
1) fitted the latter 6CA points plate.
2) fitted an extended sump plate with magnetic drain plug
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