Author Topic: Cost of spraying a tank.  (Read 1954 times)

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Re: Cost of spraying a tank.
« Reply #60 on: 10.11. 2017 07:52 »
Had a customer who had been doing vehicle wraps for decades.
He had a contract with Mitsubishi to make full body wraps pf next seasons car that got applied to last seasons car which then got photographed.
The shots looked very real.
He did a lot of stuff for me & the club.
Back then the vehicles had to be freighted to Germany to get lazer scanned to make the base equations to alter the images so a line which went across 3 different curved surfaces still looked like it was strait when applied.
He did a prototype for my round tank but as they had an old epson 4 colour machine, they could not get a realistic gold for the pin lining.
The modern machines with a spot colour tank or two can do a better job.
Wapping the B2 tank was easy because it is a simple tube but doing something complex like a fuel tank is a complex piece of work.
The plastic does not like heat nor oil so on a motorcycle tank it would be marginal.
And appling the decal smoothly over a compound curve would be a touch on the difficult side.
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