Author Topic: Better Lights Please  (Read 800 times)

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Re: Better Lights Please
« Reply #15 on: 24.10. 2017 17:45 »
Big fan of CibiĆ© too and they'd get my vote always. Don't know what models exactly I have, but they're the concave units sold as aftermarket items years ago. I have two, and they are 'better' than my other classic lights, even with  bulbs in the 36 to 45W tungsten-halogen range. Not all that much worse than the lamp on my only (semi)modern, a 17 yr old Yamaha XJR, at least at the lower speeds on oldies.

Our real problem, I reckon, is the much-reduced reactivity of older eyes. I never struggled with the dark when I was young and immortal, but nowadays, glare, wet, anything really, makes me blind it seems!

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Re: Better Lights Please
« Reply #16 on: 24.10. 2017 17:48 »
I have an LED tail light array. The pilot light goes off when the headlight is on. I have a 13Ah capacity battery. I don't drive in the dark if I can help it. I don't see a good reason to go to 12v.