Author Topic: Need to replace little end bushes?  (Read 278 times)

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Need to replace little end bushes?
« on: 07.11. 2017 19:47 »
If my block has been rebored, and I am fitting new pistons with new gudgeon pins, is it normally necessary to fit new little end bushes?

How much play/float (which I suppose I will try to measure with a dial test indicator) is acceptable between the bush and the pin?

If they need to be replaced, can they normally be pushed in with a vice or nut and bolt or other stuff lying around in my garage, or do I have to have someone with a proper press do it?

And having fitted new bushes (if this is necessary) do they need to be reamed? If so, is this something that I can do at home if I buy the proper reamer? Can I use an adjustable reamer? Or is it something that needs special equipment?

Thanks for your help - Rowan

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Re: Need to replace little end bushes?
« Reply #2 on: 07.11. 2017 20:19 »
If you can’t rattle the pins up and down in the bushes, leave them alone.