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Re: I like it
« Reply #15 on: 22.11. 2017 19:21 »
jachenbach - I totally agree with you on those flanged jelly mould tanks...They don't do a motorcycle any justice in aesthetics, it is totally distracting and one's eye is constantly drawn to it, just like a cousin of mine that had a toupee, or a spot on someone's face, the eye is somehow drawn to it.  It was the first thing I noticed on the "new" Triumph's when the came on the market, it was the first thing I noticed and it put me off completely....   

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Re: I like it
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I recently purchased a 2005 Kawasaki W650 in mint condition with only 9500km on the speedo as my 1954 a10 is struggling to keep up with the traffic & is hard on the old girl on long rides. Apart from retraining my 77 year old brain after a lifetime of r/h gear shift & l/h foot brake the W650 is a great ride, some vibration is evident around 80 90 100 k but smooths out at 110 k. I have not gone off  BSA's as I still have three, the 54 s/a A10, a 54 s/a B31 & I am currently restoring a 59 D7 Bantam In New Zealand we ride all the year round I am a member of The Hawke's Bay Classic Motor Cycle Club with 157 members, we have 3 main rides per month.
It was interesting to see the comments on the upside down rear pillion foot rest as a lifting handle I fitted one to my A10 12 years ago wouldn't do without it, also fitted is the normal tube lifting handle the technique is easy left foot on the stand left hand on the lifting handle right hand on the tube handle push hard on the foot & lift with the hands & rock back & the bike's on the stand