Author Topic: Morgan Carbtune or Motion Pro Synch Pro?  (Read 219 times)

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Morgan Carbtune or Motion Pro Synch Pro?
« on: 23.11. 2017 17:17 »
I realize there's not much use for a carb synchronizing tool on an A10, but I know lots of folks on this forum have other bikes as well. So..... I need a set of carb sync gauges since I no longer work at a shop that supplies them. Don't have a fortune to spend and I've narrowed it down to the Morgan Carbtune or Motion Pro. Carbtune costs a bit more but comes with more adapters and sounds like a better tool to me but wondering if members have experience with either or recommendations for something else.

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Re: Morgan Carbtune or Motion Pro Synch Pro?
« Reply #1 on: 23.11. 2017 19:46 »
G'day jachenbach.
If I were buying a new one it would be the Morgan. I don't like the long brass adapters of the others as they can (and I have) break off in the head if accidentally knocked.
My current set use gauges not tubes. Tubes are more accurate.
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