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Re: Front Brake Upgrade
« Reply #15 on: 06.12. 2017 22:58 »
I have a bunch of the TLS wheels and brakes and they work great when properly sorted, but the problem is their appearance for stock bikes,  But if you can get past that

(I do easily, I even have Choppers,,shsshh dont tell anyone *whistle*, you date a sheep just once and you forever are known as that Sheep shagger)

But I have an old WASSELL catalog from the mid 1960s and theres some ads in there (Very comprehensive catalog its about 2 inches thick and nice quality pages) for TLS brake conversions.  I can scan some tonight and post up in a separate brake posting, And I have an old original Eddie Dow Duetto accy catalog,, all kinds of accy but he was known for his TLS brakes he called Duetto's..

I also have a complete collection of the old Domiracer catalogs and they are a trove of useful data, Ill take a peek in there too.

I collect old catalogs, sales literature, magazine articles and factory tech materials (A little bit OCD & Hoarder) but I used to reprint and sell this stuff back in the day.  There is a shortage of it and most people are unaware of most of it so, I felt it was useful.  So did others, especially a Aussie who bought a lot of my stuff and included it on his CDs he sells, and then has the temerity of asking people not to pirate or copy his material (Talk about Sheep Shaggers & Buggery).

I was meaning to contact admin and ask about server size and hosting, I dont want to bury his data cache in tons of material but happy to share some of it,
Im coming out with a updated version of some of my old chopper guides (Sportster chopper guide, How to chop a Harley 74, Triumph chopper guide, Triumph Mechanics guide, AEE chopper guide, Jammer chopper guide, and some others.  With all these young millennials and skinny jean hipsters getting into old bikes they are pretty excited about old stuff that was made before they were a gleam in their daddys eye.)
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