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Noisy Super Rocket
« on: 27.06. 2009 09:41 »
Hello all, I'm Mick and I have a very noisy SR. The noise appears to be coming from the camshaft area. The other problem I have is wet sumping for which I've installed an in line valve however after a ride I shut the valve and deceided to drop the sump cover to install a couple of magnets, much to my surprise aproximately one pint of oil drained out which means that this amount must be in the bottom of the engine whilst it is running.Does anyone have any ideas as to the cause? By the way, I have found this forum one of the best I've seen. I have gleened much useful info (I've never worked on an A10 before)  so a big thanks to all those that have posted tech tips.

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Re: Noisy Super Rocket
« Reply #1 on: 27.06. 2009 10:01 »
are you getting a return flow to the oil tank when the bike is my a10 had the same symptoms and the oil pump had sufferd total failure..!
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Re: Noisy Super Rocket
« Reply #2 on: 27.06. 2009 14:32 »
Super Rocket  (I'm guessing, not your actual name),

Take a look at the video I have on YouTube regarding oil return. Don't wait a long time to get oil return, because if you don't get any in short order say, 10 or 15 seconds, there is probabaly something very wrong. Others with more experience than I may offer a different time frame. I am steering you to the topic where you will find the link to the video.

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Re: Noisy Super Rocket
« Reply #3 on: 28.06. 2009 08:42 »
Hi A10sausage and Manosound, thanks for your replies. Yes I do have a healthy oil return into the tank, that's why I'm so baffled. I'm so dissapointed as I've just got the bike registered and was looking forward to a few rides. It's winter here down under so perfect weather for old British bikes. I'm going to strip down the top end and inspect the camshaft etc, I've also discovered more than 3thou end float on the crank!
Looks like I may be in for a total rebuild.

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Re: Noisy Super Rocket
« Reply #4 on: 29.06. 2009 23:45 »
Super Rocket, if your bike had a full sump before you went for a ride, it takes a fair while to pump it out as the delivery pump is trying to fill the sump at the same time as the scavenge pump is draining it.
Go for a long ride and have another look.Trev.

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Re: Noisy Super Rocket
« Reply #5 on: 30.06. 2009 20:23 »
I don't like the combination of end float and an [apparently] noisy camshaft.

I would take off the primary chain cover and make sure the cush drive assembly is up tight. A loose one rattles on the splines and does sound like a dodgy camshaft [which it could be]. Mine did the same, it was tight, but it had been loose at some stage and rattled on the worn splines.

Also, 3 thou isn't an excessive end float, if I remember rightly, 3 thou is the maximum permissible in Roy's book during a rebuild so that in itself shouldn't be a problem..


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Re: Noisy Super Rocket
« Reply #6 on: 30.06. 2009 22:26 »
I've also discovered more than 3thou end float on the crank!

How much more?  .003" is fine.  I rode for a year on .015" of endfloat.  Endfloat in and of itself does not cause problems.  It's radial play in the timing side bearing that will lose you oil pressure to the big ends and cause the motor to go "boom".   It sounds to me like maybe your oil pump is having issues like a warped housing and is leaking from both supply and return sides.  This will cause wetsumping...though it's not the only thing that will do it.

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