Author Topic: Wheeler Dealers Discovery Channel on Sky, Edd China resigned.  (Read 540 times)

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Been watching this programme for years, the production company has changed the format so much that Edd China has left. Got many good tips from this restoration programme, home made tools etc. A new mechanic from The Love of Cars has taken his place. We will see on 2nd Jan 2018.

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I would have left years ago if I had to put up with Mike Brewer.
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Dont know if its still up, But on Youtube Ed posted a open commentary about WHY he left and was done very well and classy response.

I found it immensely interesting to watch because typically most places want a signed agreement in place about NONDISCLOSURE or a agreed upon set of terms for HOW, WHAT, WHEN & WHERE someone discusses this stuff.  In the modern age of Prodigious litigants, protecting of "Brand" and development of "Product", "Image" and "Marketing"  It seems amazing he openly discusses in a very professional way how he told them to go stuff themselves.

In similar news, I ALSO watched a video as well where Aron,or Aaron? (The bearded guy) on Gas Monkey Garage ALSO left the show.  I think that one was a little more scripted, but seemed honest to an extent.

The short version of the Wheeler-dealers thing was multifold,  It started out small, was bought out by Velocity, the show was moved to USA Los Angeles, and the new owners wanted to change everything.
Kudos to Ed, he said F##K that!  And split.   He is doing his own show soon,

I am sure you guys can locate these videos on your own, and should, draw your own conclusions, but I admire those who stand their ground on principle.  (* Helps if you already got a fat bank account)

I was researching some stuff about motorcycles in movies and Clint Eastwood had many bikes in his movies, also owned a few, ( I kinda had started a list of Brit Iron in movies and TV) But read an interesting article about the Dirty Harry movies, and the making of them.  Clint was Actor choice #8. and Robert Mitchum was a lead candidate for the roles and said *** off... John Wayne turned it down as well, but the difference was he later regretted it. Mitchum?? Nope,, he hated the scripts and the concept.

(Sinatra and Marlon Brando were also lead candidates as well,, can you imagine Sinatra saying "Well Punk, Do you feel Lucky?")

So, reading between the lines many versions of the scripts were stinkers, Clint had a big role in HOW it was rewritten, this was the cusp of his director and producer aspirations so critical question was it a success BECAUSE of him? Or in SPITE of him? (As one of my instructors in aviation school asked me after I performed a task)

The article is here:

" At the time, Mitchum had a rule that the less he liked a script the more money he would demand and the studios always tended to pony up. Mitchum, however, found Dirty Harry to be so deplorable that he would not accept the part "for any amount", considering it to be one of the "movies that *** on the world" and "a piece of junk". Mitchum added "If I've got $5 in my pocket, I don't need to make money that fucking way, daddy." Thus the man who played a serial killer in such films as When Strangers Marry (1944), The Night of theHunter (1955) and Cape Fear (1962) felt that Dirty Harry was too much for him. He turned down the lead role in the seven Academy Award winning film Patton (1970) for similar reasons."
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I would have left years ago if I had to put up with Mike Brewer.

Ditto. That 'character' made the program quite unwatchable for me, even if I turned the sound down for his segments.
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Mike Brewer bought an Audi from one of the family here on the farm and was quite normal and friendly . He became a totally different person when the cameras were rolling. Perhaps he's a better actor than people give credit for. He certainly could have picked a better persona for the show
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I'll never forget the show where the subject was a Ford Pop hot rod. Mike went dahn to Sarfend to meet his old dad who now owns one of the famous 1970s rodded Pops. "Puddle-Jumper"..maybe?
When they met Mike kissed his dad on the lips...twice.
I never kissed my old mum on her lips let alone my dad. Clearly anuvver one o' them Lundin weirdo's.

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I'm glad Wheeler Dealers have gone over to the Discovery Channel because I don't subscribe to it. That means I don't have to put up with Mike Brewer any more.     *woo*


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will always remember his tip for removing old recessed oil seals screw two self-tapping into seal and lever out