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Re: Plunger covers....
« Reply #1 on: 12.01. 2018 16:09 »
In 2016 I bought a rather poor set from Burton Bike Bits. I returned them and got a refund. I then bought some from Priory Magnetos, (Andrew Guttman) and they were fine.

My message to the supplier.

The quality of these Wassel shrouds is not brilliant; firstly the metal is thinner than the originals. Weighing one of the longer painted shrouds it weighs 65 grammes, whereas the original weighs 103 grammes. The chrome is not very good quality either; it already shows some signs of rust pitting (photo 1). All items already show rust on their inside surfaces, (photo 2). If you are able to offer me a set of better quality shrouds I would be much happier to use them otherwise I feel I must ask for a refund.

BBB told me that these were not made by The Wassell company; it was a chap with the same name who is no longer trading.

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Re: Plunger covers....
« Reply #2 on: 12.01. 2018 17:22 »
The set listed look like the holes in the chrome pieces are much too large.  The originals have different size holes depending on their position. The parts butting the  spindle clamp lug are larger than the holes  on the parts butting the frame.