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Vehicle Tax reminder
« on: 08.02. 2018 11:20 »
I received a Road Tax reminder for my 1955 Beeza this morning. Says 'THIS VEHICLE NEEDS AN APPROPRIATE MOT TEST CERTIFICATE'. Yikes, me thinks!

However, when I went on their website there was no mention of requiring a test and the renewal went through like a hot knife through butter with no charge. Lovely jubbly!

I sometimes consider doing a voluntary test but; a) it will cost money, and b) I have the ability to make sure my bike is roadworthy, and c) what if some prat decides to apply modern rules to my old bike? I was once told when I presented my 1929 Austin Seven for test that I must have some features that actually were not on the car originally; such as dipping headlamps, indicators, possibly even seat belts FFS!
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Re: Vehicle Tax reminder
« Reply #1 on: 08.02. 2018 12:52 »
the ability for bureauracy to overcome commonsense never ceases to amaze     *problem*and dismay   *sad* me in equal measure
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Re: Vehicle Tax reminder
« Reply #2 on: 08.02. 2018 14:55 »
Ah yes, that's why the 40 year MoT exemption is coming in. Testers don't have the knowledge of older vehicles. My 1951 Land Rover was failed for missing sills. They don't have sills. You should have seen their faces when I turned up on a 1913 belt drive Douglas. They even stuck it on the brake rollers. As for trying to start it...
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Re: Vehicle Tax reminder
« Reply #3 on: 08.02. 2018 16:06 »
Last year I was told that my twistgrip should shut off automatically when released. I asked the examiner how I was going to give a hand signal to turn right when going up a hill without the bike coming to an unintended stop. The answer was 'Mmm, ok then'.

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Re: Vehicle Tax reminder
« Reply #4 on: 08.02. 2018 17:04 »
Last year I was told that my twistgrip should shut off automatically when released

yes otherwise why would they come with a friction adjuster, however you can get without and lots of folk use them where they do shut off when you let go, me I prefer them to stay put
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Re: Vehicle Tax reminder
« Reply #5 on: 08.02. 2018 19:10 »
We never had any kind of MOT for motorcycles over here whether old or new but I have never seen a crap bike on the road.
I think motorcyclists in general are well aware that they are playing with their lives if there’s something wrong with it and fix it or have it fixed before it’s to late. I also find that motorcyclists usually are more aware of the condition of their vehicle compared to car drivers
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