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Re: Radiator Plumbing
« Reply #15 on: 02.03. 2018 08:00 »

..Most useful instruction is "Attention! Tool may get hot!"  *eek* Keep forgetting that...

 aaah yeah well just after writing;
  haha- yeah well yesterday I had to go buy a replacement 'mappgas/hotwhatzit'  torch, couldn't figure it out so sat with a  *beer* and read the instructions...ffs .things never used to be that complicated... *dunno*

 I needed to use it for a short time then put it down but then had to move it, so guess how I picked it up.. *bash*..the burner tip is now painted with red flame-proof exhaust paint....
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Re: Radiator Plumbing
« Reply #16 on: 03.03. 2018 10:36 »
Footprint pipe wrench did the job - very well made tool, a worthy addition to my tool kit. I have one terrible mangled valve now, but can replace in the summer. Room toasty hot.

Thanks all for your help!

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Re: Radiator Plumbing
« Reply #17 on: 05.03. 2018 15:43 »
That is a modern rad and valve. If you drain down a change it, buy a new washer for the drain down cock which you can fit before you refill the system. I have never been beaten by one of those valves, try not to heat it up you will damage the spindle packing. Regards.