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« on: 08.05. 2018 08:44 »
Hawaii is having a horrible time. Does anyone here hail from there?

A chap, Richard, friend of our Beezageezauk comes over from Hawaii to the BSAOC Warrington camp each year. He stores his A10 in the UK. I hope he is OK.
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Re: Hawaii
« Reply #1 on: 08.05. 2018 09:17 »
It IS terrible and horribly disruptive, But I have a number of friends who live there, and many of us fly over and visit, But truth is its only 1 of several islands and a small portion of that Island.  Everyone who lives or visits KNOWS the risks, Same as California could fall into the sea either tomorrow or in 1000 years (+ or -).
Where I live in the Pacific NW I live on the edge of a active volcano, No lava lately but several times a year wife and I visit the local hot springs kept bubbling by seismic bubbling.  There is a active volcano in the city of Portland called Mt Tabor and some epic adult soap box derby racing down from the top.
The entire PNW is made up of a series of active volcanoes, (Mt Adams, Mt Bachelor, Mt Hood, Mt St Helens etc etc.)
(There is 169 active Volcanoes in the US currently) 

But wildfires are a bigger threat here, I had 2 guys from Scotland visit last August and they were shocked to see these pictures in the news shortly after their return to the UK.  But as I told Adam, Would any Scotsman stop a game of golf just because of a fire??   
I had taken them to see this same area just 2 weeks prior and this is less than 20 miles from my house.
3 years back we had the Clackamas Pit fire as well, and had to cancel our trip to our cabin as we had ash raining down on our farm.  Our neighbors hosted evacuees in their field with RVs, tents and Porta potties, But they were in good shape as they had plenty of beer.
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