Author Topic: Placement of transfers - 1960 BSA Super Rocket (export version)  (Read 742 times)

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I don't have many transfers on my machine. Oil level and Piled arms. The rear guard has this badge from the seller:
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Take a look here: A French site with lots of bike catalogues. Go to Motos, then on the right catalogues, then look for BSA then 1959 USA Anglais and it's all there.

Thanks for the heads up on this site, one I have not come across before.
Just finished downloading them and catalogueing them.
Bad news is a lot of them are named incorrectly as MR Motos-anglaises oviously did not know that BSA model Years start in August.
Also he has the disgusting habit of taking images from elsewhere, and in particular OldBrits then adding his own watermark to them passing them off as his work,,,, Big fail.
Why people on the web have to carry on in such a decieptful way is beyond me, like as if no one can google BSA Catalogues.
Sheldons Emu has always been the best general Bike site for old iron and at least he only watermarks what he has actually scanned himself.

So chck the publication dates before you get too excited.
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One last tidbit, In many cases back in the day,  Many dealers would ALSO apply their own shop name, I restored several bikes that were documented as having been serviced and sold by Bud Ekins and we sourced original shop transfers and applied them. 

I always get a kick out of Bud Ekins references here, because I believe I'm the only forum member to have stepped foot in his Van Nuys, California shop in the '60s. Don't recall BSAs there, as I was too busy drooling over Bonnevilles, which never came to pass.

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