Author Topic: A75 Kick Quadant Fits A10?  (Read 252 times)

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A75 Kick Quadant Fits A10?
« on: 19.05. 2018 12:03 »
Does anyone know if an A75/Trident KI quadrant and shaft will also fit a BSA A10 standar box?

Am looking to but one on ebay for myA10 that has the same number of teeth (14) and LOOKS similar, but maybe someone knows. OE< is  57-4892 for the A75 and 42-3160 for the A10.

Probably a daft question.

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Re: A75 Kick Quadant Fits A10?
« Reply #1 on: 19.05. 2018 21:24 »
G'day Peter.
I doubt it. I don't know the shaft sizes but the quadrant itself is different in the stops. Then there's the problem with meshing with the pinion. Why do you want to when there's a number of merchants with new ones for sale?
 Which leads me to ponder, all the new ones seem to be one piece where both my originals are on a spline (quad to shaft).
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