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gas tank mount
« on: 15.06. 2018 16:46 »
 The PO had shaved the tank mount off this bike in order to "chopperize" it.

 I turned up a bung, tapped and welded it on so I had a mount.

 What you see in the picture is what I have to work with, I have never seen an original mount and have no idea how those are supposed to work.

 There is a gap between the top of the welded bung and the bottom of the sheet metal mount inside the tank of about 1 inch.

 I am not sure how best to mount this tank so it does not crack or split.

 I am thinking maybe use a stud and a washer arrangement, maybe foam rubber under and above.....I just dont know and am looking for ideas.


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Re: gas tank mount
« Reply #1 on: 15.06. 2018 20:02 »
Look at A/B group swinging arm for tank fittings.   

Found this pic on the net. 

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