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Re: Pennsylvania "Special Number Plate" VIN tag
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......MY FIL is a retired detective,, and many other family and friends same,,, to them,,, EVERYONE is a suspect!......

 Sluggo; sit back and relax-  *beer*........ *whistle*   I suspect you of suspecting...... *doubt*

Heh,,, you guys dont know the half of it, After I got out of the military I vowed to be a long hair,, Got pretty long,. Also had the one ear ring, Had Harleys, choppers, British bikes etc etc... So my girlfriend for many years (We were together for over 20 before getting married.,, We did not want to rush into anything or do anything rash, although my previous Girlfriend claimed I had commitment issues, might be something to that),,, Anyrate, I had been dating Ms Linda but had yet to meet this fierce and temperamental cop legend that was her dad.  There was rules in her house growing up,, Not going to mention them all,, But lets say I was a direct violation of several I was pretty sure.......

Anyrate, One day Ms Linda shows up and announces Dad and Pat (Her brother) are taking the boat out over the bar (Out of the Columbia river out into the Ocean) and going fishing, They said go get your fishing license and they want you to come along...

To hell with that,,, Mafia movies, Cop movies,,, I have never met these people and they want to take me out on the ocean???  I have seen THAT movie!  3 go out, 2 come back. My name aint Fredo.  I politely declined.  & I'm still here!

(The man & his partner have the highest case closure rate in Homicide div history, If he wanted to off someone, He would be the expert dontcha think???)

Fun Factoid:  When Cops TV show first started, they did so in Portland Oregon.  My FIL is on one of the first season episodes kicking in a door while holding a short nose .357 and then throwing people against a wall.  My Nieces and Nephews grew up with the first song they ever learned to sing was the theme song to the cops TV show. Some kids learn nursery rhymes.. not these kids...  "Bad Boys Bad Boys whatcha gonna do?"

Would you go fishing with him???
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