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Re: Changing earth
« Reply #15 on: 18.07. 2009 19:34 »
Triton thrasher, that is what I was alluding to. I believe that there was an issue with the Triumph timing gear being over stressed as well. My dynamo does show a discharge at idle but once I pull away it charges just fine. Tone I initially fitted the SRM belt drive which failed very quickly due to the alloy pulleys fretting on the shafts. I subsequently fitted the Shaun Hawker belt drive and it has proven to be both efficient and reliable. Incidentally, it goes with out saying that if you are using an electronic regulator on your dynamo system you will need to change that for a -ve regulator. I would recomend the Manotech DVR2. In the mean time I would convert to belt drive which will speed up your dynamo before spending a lot of money on an alternator.


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Re: Changing earth
« Reply #16 on: 18.07. 2009 21:40 »
Sorry to go all Triumph on the thread, but certainly if fitted as supplied, the Alton would destroy Triumph timing gears by having negative backlash.

I asked M. Hamon, the Alton maker why he had left out the mounting spigot which the Lucas dynamo has and he said Triumph owners didn't want it.  It's the sort of answer that could make us suspect he's nuts.

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Re: Changing earth
« Reply #17 on: 19.07. 2009 10:17 »
John, I have already fitted a DVR2 in poss earth, so I think i'll take your advice and go for the Hawker belt drive, cheers, Tone.

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Re: Changing earth
« Reply #18 on: 20.07. 2009 12:57 »
I run a Hawker belt drive on mine. A great reduction in road speed for balance at 12 V. About 40 mph in top with 60W headlight & Boyer ignition 2 Amps (not necessarily recommended). With a 45 W bulb should balance nearer 30 mph, and under 40 with standard chain dynamo drive.
Need to fit the oil seal Sean recommends to prevent belt slip under load.
Re your original question easy to change bike / dynamo polarity, but you would need a Neg E regulator (DVR2 naturally). Positive earth LEDs replacements are available from some places so perhaps no need to convert.
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