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Re: Excess Oil
« Reply #15 on: 09.08. 2018 00:36 »
steve60 don't be afraid to block the rocker feed off and run it for a while to see if it stops smoking,,  I unknowingly rode mine with oil pipes on wrong way round and no oil going to the rockers ,{carnt do that again modified feed line} long story short no damage done and that was 80 odd miles , valve gear was ok. camshaft and followers flat, shells took loads of hammer threw a circlip and ground bore up, engine was running on mist by way of me filling tank above return feed hole and it was just surviving but rockers were starved and everything up there ok.  I ran it other day without rocker feed for test purposes on some modified return lines on the oil filter , if you do it might tell you what your trying to find out, after all they didn't allways have oil to valve gear. Or even better don't take any notice of this because ive just read the first post you did. DUM BERGER!!!!!!!get to the pub you need a fix!! too much workshop time makes berger a loon ,,, or maybe DELIBERATE mistake just to make you laugh..... or even think THICK c--t shut up and go the pub

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Re: Excess Oil
« Reply #16 on: 09.08. 2018 09:20 »
I found another thing which causes oil to leak all over, that is the pressure releaf valve, I just had an occasion where I had to check this and found the ball was not sealing on the seat, the ball also had a ridge running around it, so it's worth checking this to try and eliminate oil leaks.


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Re: Excess Oil
« Reply #17 on: 09.08. 2018 21:31 »
I think guides may have been a bit of my problem, when I had the head off last noticed a crack running across one exhaust port, dosent seem to effect the running, but have a fully reconditioned head to go on  when I get into the mood to face the pushrod lining up drama *conf*