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English Bikers
« on: 14.03. 2006 23:36 »
Hi all!

God job on getting this forum up!
I´m writing you as the Swedish official for Royal Enfield and have been working as such since late 2005. First thing of is to make a better homepage and one of the things I believe would be a good idea having there (or links to) is a forum.
Unfortunately this is not something I can put any time on getting together at this time.

An idea would be to try and gather as many English (and perhaps other classics) motorcycle brand under the same webpage adress. The possitive aspects of doing so can´t b missed by anyone. The first and most important point of agreement must be that classic motorcycles today need to be more visable to more people.

My idea is to have a front page with all the brands that we can scrape together people enough to run and the visitors can make their selection of what brand they want to talk about from there.

I have also done some thinking about what laungage to have as spooken language, but after stumbling over this I feel that english would be open to more people (yet, perhaps, scare some away)

Please get back to me on this :P

Best regards
Ola Olsson
Royal Motorcycles
Karlskrona, Sweden
0046 734 22 85 70


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Re: English Bikers
« Reply #1 on: 15.03. 2006 00:48 »

I'm not much of a "joiner", participator", and especially not much of an "expert"!  I'm always happy to see and read what others are doing. And I'm willing to explain "how I did it" I truly love riding  (knees in the breeze) I'm NOT a concourse restorer just a rider.  If this gets like many of the "other BSA boards"  I become more of an observer.  Other Brit bikes don't bother me at all, I ride with Triumph, Royal Enfield, Ariel, Norton, and even an AJS guy (Lord knows they need help!)  I've had my '65 Lightning since new and aquired my A10's later. I love the way the A10 runs!  The durn thing has been really reliable.  My 2 cents are - there are sites for dang near every marque, so if this stays a7 - A10 exclusive "fine with me" but I ain't the boss! so -

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Re: English Bikers
« Reply #2 on: 16.03. 2006 18:01 »
Hello Ola & Beezerbum, thanks for the visits. This forum has small aspirations, will stay specialized, & not looking for tons of members, but all about riding & owning an A10.

Of course non A10 owners are welcome, as many topics relating to Amal, Lucas, Tires, endless oil-discussions, joys & problems with old UK machinery etc etc will be common for everybody, but general british bike related stuff is very well taken care of in dozens of already existing forums. for example is excellent and covers most brands & type of riders\owners.

And this forum will also be where I in the future will redirect all the email questions I receive from visitors to my a10 website.

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Re: English Bikers
« Reply #3 on: 08.06. 2006 22:45 »
Hi there! I'm an English Biker! an this is my first post as a new member. I had posted before as a guest but I reckon I'll probably be posting again sometime, so I thought I'd join the forum. I post in two other forums. The forum and the BSA Yahoo group. Brilliant machines the A10 is and its great to have its own forum here!

Now which one of you guys was it that I was talking to at this Years John Bull rally. You parked your tent next to mine!
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Re: English Bikers
« Reply #4 on: 09.06. 2006 19:55 »
Hi there LJ,

It was I who pitched my tent next to yours at the John Bull Rally but I wasn't there on my A10.  I was riding the well used green B31 (dare I mention this on an A7/A10 board) and arrived on the Saturday when you were out on the run.

Like me, you are a regular rider who enjoys the social aspect of the BSA scene.   It's always nice to put a face to a name and I will look out for you at future events.  Congratulations on joining the A7/A10 forum and take care.