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New car
« on: Today at 11:16 »
We have been running a Fiat Panda for the last 9 years. We bought it new in 2011 and paid just £8k for it. I thought that when I retired we would struggle financially so the Pandas economy made sense. The Panda has been extraordinarily good. It's given almost no trouble. At over 90k miles it has not needed a clutch or suspension or steering joints replacing. I had the cam belt done and the water pump at the same time, because it's easier to do with the belt covers off. The bodywork is still solid and the black paint gleams after an infrequent wash.

Anyway, time to move on. My son is having the Panda as a local runabout. We have cashed in savings and bought ourselves a nearly new BMW 1 Series M Sport. This thing is just full of smarts! Here are a few:
Lane control: at speeds over 40mph the car detects if you wander too close to white lines either side and steers itself away from them.
Speed limitting: A button and an adjuster wheel on the steering wheel allows the driver to set a maximum speed. Useful in an urban area.
Cruise control.
Visual warning and I guess physical intervention if the system thinks you are following too close to another vehicle. Also warnings and presumably intervention if an object crosses your path, such as a child running.
No parking brake lever. A lift up tag applies all four brakes. As you pull away the parking brake releases automatically.
Head-up display: Shows current speed limit, next turn if using Satnav, media choice if wanted, selected maximum speed limit or cruise control set speed. The HUD appears to be about halfway along the bonnet, (hood). It's not distracting. My nervous driving wife loves it.
Keyless entry. Keyless engine start, (fully depress the clutch then press a Start button).
Seat and mirror settings remembered for each of the 2 keys. As I walk toward the car, the seats, mirrors and radio station are adjusting to my selection. Likewise for wifey.
Automatic LED headlight activation and dipping when a vehicle is coming the other way.
Automatic windscreen wiper activation.
Self parking. I haven't tried this yet.
Suitable parking space detection in a row of parked cars.
Remote boot, (trunk) opening.

At night when you approach the vehicle the door handles project a courtesy light on the ground beside the car. Inside, while you are getting in, the trims have a subtle illumination and there are lights under the seats that shine into the footwells.
Of course the fuel consumption is monitored. I've never had a car that tells me how far I can go on the fuel in the tank.
Reversing camera and audio warnings. Front has a simple display of objects detected along with an audio warning.

The dash has real-time weather, news, local interest, email and messages. In the roof there's a button that will summon emergency services to the vehicle. In fact, in the event of a serious crash the car will call for you!

I have a BMW App on this tablet. From the app I can turn headlights on or off, lock or unlock the car, check tyre pressures. Check oil level. Ventilate the car, single shot, or scheduled daily. The App has the ability to track the car.

There's more but I'm sure you are bored by now!

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Re: New car
« Reply #1 on: Today at 18:16 »
yeah but does it wipe ya backside *grins*, that's not a car it's a module *lol*.  I think the fiat is a better sounding option that you are driving/controlling , sounds like that beemer can control you until it's battery goes dead *whistle*

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Re: New car
« Reply #2 on: Today at 19:42 »
My Land Rover has none of these things - not even an interior light. You need a torch after dark to find where to put the ignition key. Not much electrickery to go wrong!
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Re: New car
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yeah but does it wipe ya backside *grins*, that's not a car it's a module *lol*
Yep, time will come when wiping your backside will be all you have to do yourself. All the rest will be done for you by some gizmo. Lots of people will like that. I won’t...  *sad2*
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Re: New car
« Reply #4 on: Today at 20:51 »
G'day GB.
Now all you need is a chauffeur.
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Re: New car
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Now you blokes leave GB alone!
(Next thing he will want an automatic retracting sidestand on his BSA!) *lol*
Hey now that's a thought.