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Valve adjustment
« on: 07.09. 2018 17:26 »
I think I'll check the valve clearances this weekend (haven't been done in 6k and 4 years so probably need a look).  I have noticed a little bit of noise (a bit like a zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz sound when really hot) so reckoned it might be the valves.  I'm guessing a lot of you check them more often but the bike's been running beautifully since I started putting in unleaded super (plus additive).  As I've said before, there is a bit of oil and soot at the end of the silencers, but have put this down to slightly worn valves/guides.  I don't get any smoke or nasties elsewhere, apart from a tiny bit of pinking on some hills with headwind and too much throttle.

Quick other questions:  1961 Flash - is it a large journal crank and thick flange barrels?  Also, is the engine sprocket two lobe or four lobe (thinking of increasing teeth to get slightly higher cruising speed)?

Sorry if these sound like daft questions, but I'd rather ask you guys than get the wrong info elsewhere.
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Re: Valve adjustment
« Reply #1 on: 07.09. 2018 17:51 »
 Far as I know, it should be large journal and thick barrel, I think that started in 1958 for the flash.

  But what it really is, you would have to investigate. Small journal and thin barrel would also work on your bike so its possible they were swapped in at some point.

 You should need 2 lobe, now if there was ever a small journal crank with 4 lobes that what fit your bike- or if that is just a long stroke idea, I am not sure. Probably safest to take off the primary and look to be positive.


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