Author Topic: Swilling out petrol tank.  (Read 551 times)

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Re: Swilling out petrol tank.
« Reply #15 on: 02.10. 2018 21:59 »
Strangely, thinners is now available at about £5 a gallon - a huge amount less than it used to cost.
Is that White Spirit?
Hi GB.
No it is cellulose thinners or a close approximation.

Cellulose thinners for five quid a gallon!? Please tell me where. I've been buying small tins at Halfords. They are expensive!
I bought mine from Kempton Park about a year ago. I have a small Halfords can which ran out and I now top it up from my gallon can.
I have not checked ebay - perhaps there are some deals there but may not be possible to send it through the post.


PS How about this
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Re: Swilling out petrol tank.
« Reply #16 on: 03.10. 2018 03:08 »
If you are pulling all the taps I'd use the garden hose to flush it then rewash with meths then allow to dry somewhere warm. If you use kerro/parafin snd tip it all out before refilling with petrol the dilution will be such as to make no difference to the bike at all. I had a mate who ran his Standard Vanguard on kerro for a bit before changing the the cheaper mineral turps. Smelt lovely running. He just had to get the motor hot on petrol before flicking to the alternative fuel.