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Rocker oil feed amount
« on: 02.11. 2018 20:27 »
Hello guys.

someone please help me.

I am Japanese ,I am sorry Because my english is bad.

This is my first post.

My A10 is 1954 goldenflash.

I have a question with rocker oil feed amount.

Starting engine and remove banjo bolt .

Observe oil feed pipe ,It doesn`t looks like oil is coming.

Oil comes well to oil hole of oil tank.

If i close  oil hole of oil tank with finger,it comes a little.

I  remove oil feed pipe and check It does not looks like oil feed pipe is clogged.

please  somedody tell me oil amount to rocker.


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Re: Rocker oil feed amount
« Reply #1 on: 02.11. 2018 21:40 »
 Ohayo anbon,  *welcome*   I can't give a definite amount, but there should be a reasonable amount, but not too much.

 The 'too much' is regulated by the small hole in the banjo-bolt, which is critical not to be too big (I think~3/64"-comes to mind *doubt*)
 Is your bike a '54 Swing-arm or Plunger model , and does it have a copper feed pipe, or rubber hose for some?

 Maybe double check for blockage/obstruction again, and if you have compressed air, blow that through ?

 Keep us posted, and ;>

 There's an 'Introduction page' somewhere, but I'll let someone else paste that so I don't give the wrong link

 PS, Your English is good so far, I just hope you can understand mine  *smile*

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Re: Rocker oil feed amount
« Reply #2 on: 03.11. 2018 10:58 »
G'day anbon, welcome to the forum.
There would have to be a blockage somewhere. With the banjo bolts out and a finger over the return hole in the tank there should be about the same amount of oil that normally returns to the tank.
Check the fitting in the bottom of the tank that tee's off to the rockers.
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Say G'day and tell us how the A10 got to Japan.
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Re: Rocker oil feed amount
« Reply #3 on: 04.11. 2018 00:43 »
I'm new here too.
Disconnect the feed to the head and use an oil can and pump through the rocker feed. You may need to remove and wash out the oil filter and the oil tank. Invest in a cartridge oil filter on the return line.

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Re: Rocker oil feed amount
« Reply #4 on: 04.11. 2018 18:14 »
Hey, a post in introductions, would love the story how you got the bike (and add some pictures).

About the oil to engine top, yes check for blocking \ go through all the suggestions given, and also look for any bends \ kinks \ pinch etc in the pipe tubing itself.

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Re: Rocker oil feed amount
« Reply #5 on: 04.11. 2018 19:01 »
Hi and *welcome*
There’s no huge amount going to the rocker box.
If your feed line is connected with a piece of rubber hose, take it off and replace it by a 4 mm clear plastic hose.
This will show if there’s oil going up or not
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