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Re: 1957 A7 (long awaited) project: Frame.
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Hi guys,

Thanks for your thoughts.. It could well be that the spindle holes may have been reduced over the time, especially looking at the bronze looking bushes..

Yes I agree the frame isn't a one off - it does say Kings Norton, Stretford where it was originally dispatched to). Just a shame it isn't as straight forward as the rod type setup with all available LH fixings!

I'll keep looking for bits of unusual welding/ available holes!..


The non std welding I meant you to look for is around the swing arm spindle holes. A PO may have welded a steel Bush in that hole, as well as pressed in a thin brass Bush. That may have been to “convert” the frame to take a non Ariel hub swing arm, or due to the hole having worn oval, or both!

The close up pic of the thin brass Bush MIGHT also be showing the edge of a steel Bush, it’s not clear there is one tho, and might be my imagination.

When building my 56 basket case Ariel hubbed bike I had to address the issue of oval holes in the frame, to bore them out and weld in a Bush (in the right alignment) was an expensive proposition that in the end I got around.

The extra hole you have in 5he bracket may even have been to bolt a guide to the frame when boring it?

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