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Re: kicker quadrant
« Reply #15 on: 16.02. 2019 13:21 »
The pinion in my gearbox was worn out so the kick jammed many times when I tried to start it so I decided to get new parts.

The combination of quadrant and pinion was a "pain in the ass" for me. Bought a set from Draganfly but they didn't have the pinion (67-3376) so I bought one from another company and guess what they jammed. Didn't work together.

After lot of research I was told by SRM Classic Bike that the pinion I needed to my flat tooth quadrant is 67-3168 with pointy tooth's. Found a new one on the net, today I changed both pinion and ratchet and now it works VERY fine. Have tried to start the bike a couple of times and the kick works MUCH better than before and no signs to jam.

Now I have a new quadrant (think it is 67-3375) and a pinion (67-3376) that doesn't work together laying on the shelf.