Author Topic: A10 - most irritating bike I've owned  (Read 1714 times)

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Re: A10 - most irritating bike I've owned
« Reply #45 on: 10.02. 2019 20:49 »

 Goung back to RD's original post, if the dyamo was refurbed (or partly) and has a mechanical reg maybe that just needs a bit of a tweak- I did it to mine and made a huge difference and I'm no electrical engineer.....

 Regarding the oil no-return; apart from homeless spiders or other critters sheltering from storms, I can't help wondering if there is actually oil in the tank......I assumed there to be, but some obvious things can be easily overlooked.... *dunno*
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Re: A10 - most irritating bike I've owned
« Reply #46 on: 10.02. 2019 22:01 »
it sounded like rd threw in the towel.
the answers to his problems are old ones posted on the forum, but he has to see the wood from the trees when reading them. or seek assistance such as the bsa owners club.