Author Topic: What's Jumbo made of?  (Read 751 times)

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Re: What's Jumbo made of?
« Reply #15 on: 08.02. 2019 15:45 »
Well the saga of Jumbo is concluded!
becomes shiny when polished, produces fine grit/dust when sanded, goes a lighter grey initially then quickly darkens,can be pushed into with a screwdriver and chips off easily.
When subjected to heat( not great,small butane torch) refused to soften or melt but did manage to cause various damage to surrounding areas due to inept handling. i did manage to get it to glow red briefly.
My dreams of silver content or zinc/alu alloy to repair casings is now over.
Free to collector who comes here and helps to get my brakes, forks,charging,tickover,stands,assorted cycle parts etc to function well. Maybe asking for well is setting the bar a little high, adequately would be a start.
Hey ho, roll on the drier, warmer weather and i can get her out and have a go myself.
Of course i'll have to get the engine back from srm first (did i say that out loud?)
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Re: What's Jumbo made of?
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Fool's elephant it seems.
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