Author Topic: DIY Lucas E3L field coil rewind  (Read 1035 times)

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Re: DIY Lucas E3L field coil rewind
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G'day Guy.
I thought in your neck of the woods night riding requiring lights would be as dangerous as over here! Here we have roos, wombats and the occasional water buffalo. I'd hate to hit an elephant/hippo. LOL
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DIY Lucas E3L field coil rewind
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Its more the drunks and and a lot of us driving on TV, marriage licenses etc rather than driving licenses, not to mention the bad roads, pot holes etc. Cows and goats are a bigger problem than elephants etc... unfortunately...

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DIY Lucas E3L field coil rewind RESOLVED
« Reply #47 on: 23.04. 2019 07:10 »
I went off on the rally and sure enough charging stopped after 10 mins or so. Luckily I did not need my lights during the weekend.

For some reason the regulator coils had got very hot and I assumed that was the cause of the lack of charge and removed it, but all seemed ok and the contacts opened when connected to a battery etc. A curve ball was that the 15amp fuse I'd fitted on the charging output (between regulator and ammeter) had blown but I eventually figured that out.

Once again cleaning the regulator points fixed the charging problem, so I took it apart and found the adjuster/point was different from a spare I had from a "parts" regulator I got with my basket case bike years ago. I am pretty sure the special metal "tip" had fallen off the adjuster/ point in the past  *problem*   - which is why the points became "burnt" and non conducting so quickly

I've swapped the duff adjuster for the good one and so far all is well  *beer*

I've attached a pic of the adjuster, and semi fried regulator...

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