Author Topic: I live and sometimes learn (26t A65 layshaft gear for the rrt2)  (Read 292 times)

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a few months ago i got a 26t A65 layshaft gear for the rrt2 from evil bay, so today i'm cleaning it up and notice an oil groove same as the other std 27t I have but also it has 3 drillings through the gear and bush from the recesses  where the drive dogs engage which the 27t don't have . then I notice the bush holes didn't line up and the bush had spun about 35 to 40 degrees. on looking closer the bush had been rubbing on the slight radius next to the splines on the at some point it hadn't had its steel washer in place and had grabbed and spun *eek* well me not being a real engineer and pressing it out and making a new one I cleaned up the bit of bruised bush re drilled the holes and jobs a good en. so don't forget your hardened washers and you can't always tell what your buying from a picture.  *beer*

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bergs   Good to snatch victory from the jaws of defeat, again and again.

 The wonder of your favourite auction site continues. You can't always tell from the description either. Just had a look, for market research and entertainment you understand, and found these gems.

  BSA Triumph A7 Barrels Matchless AJS Norton Sunbeam 

 Triumph Head BSA Matchless AJS Norton Sunbeam Velocette HRD     

 Ariel BSA A7  500 Shooting Star Big Journal  Norton Triumph AJS Matchless.   

 The last item is an alloy conrod and has a forging number that starts 68, so a bargain for someone, but not to fit anything in the listing. The first two  items were a little overpriced, but even so listings as vague and catchall as these would put most people off anyway.