Author Topic: Helloo from Shropshire!  (Read 173 times)

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Helloo from Shropshire!
« on: 05.04. 2019 05:33 »
What a veritable resource pool this 'ere forum is!
Firstly apologies for omitted welcome spiel, joined up in haste a few week ago after being given the use of a 1961 A10!
About me, been biking since I had to have the obligatory moped at 16 as it was the only transport available in rural Gloucestershire!
Current stable is a f700GS (love it) an NT700 (does what it says on the can, commutes!) and the "loan" Gold Flash!
Never sit down and list all the bikes you had, frightening!  *eek*
Would have 'em all back tomorrow if I had the space and money!
Love all aspects / philosophy of the motorcycle, how it works, why it doesn't, satisfaction of fettle and fix, riding both on and off road (tho' given up trials as I don't bounce like I used to!), commuting and touring with SWMBO
The perfect menage'a trois, me, the wife and me bike!  *smile*
Had a “bump in the road” when I tried an outfit, failed the apprenticeship! 2 wheels good, 3 wheels unstable!
The A10 - Neighbour has had it in storage for some time, he's moving abroad before GB ostracises itself, knows I love fettling so asked me to get back up together and use now and again, well.....what could I say!  ;)
Needless to say the path to running again was very smokey and oily (my! how a wet sump leaks!) but with a new battery, oil in the barrels for a week, bit of fresh juice she fired 5th kick!
Had a D7 Bantam, a T21 and a 3TA in my youth, thought I'd had it with old Brit stuff, but REALLY enjoying this BSA, hope I get the chance of owning it later on.
So, boy from the Forest of Dean now in Shropshire, works in Birmingham, used to be a telephone engineer but with the advent of IP networks just a keyboard operator now!
Come the revolution we'll need Strowger again! (any old BT satff will appreciate that!) There electro-mech engineers will rule again!
If you’re heading up the A41 by Newport garage can be open and the kettle on for a chat!
Dick Snow.

At last! shrunk some pics and now attached!

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Re: Helloo from Shropshire!
« Reply #1 on: 05.04. 2019 08:35 »
Yup, I tried the sidecar experience but soon came to my senses.
Yup, ex BT engineer and planner for 30 years.
Yup, you've found THE best place for A series BSA's

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Re: Helloo from Shropshire!
« Reply #2 on: 05.04. 2019 09:06 »
I bolted a Busmar D/A on the side of a T3 for a couple of years when the kids were small. I enjoyed it though never quite became comfortable with the chair wheel lifting. I should like another one day – but they take up so much room. I think you have to accept that an outfit is a different beast altogether. It is certainly not a car, and despite there being a motorcycle hung on one side or the other it is very much not a bike.

And welcome (and I have bikes been and gone that I’m very happy not to still own).
Various, including ...
'58 Iron Head Flash Bitza

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Re: Helloo from Shropshire!
« Reply #3 on: 05.04. 2019 09:11 »
Thanks for the fine intro post. Welcome aboard!
Norway & France, Alpes Maritimes. A10 GF '53 My A10 website
"Success only gets you a ticket to a more difficult problem"

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Re: Helloo from Shropshire!
« Reply #4 on: 06.04. 2019 01:50 »
G'day Snowy.
Great to see another A10 set up for serious regular riding  *woo*

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Re: Helloo from Shropshire!
« Reply #5 on: 06.04. 2019 11:42 »
o dear snowy parking on double yellows TUT TUT - joke ;)  like the bike and the meandering river . I like rivers one of my pastimes as a yooof was measuring them on a map with a piece of cotton --- sad f****r , and don't get me on  to ox bow lakes *woo* *whistle* edit- deliberate mistake oxbow lake

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Re: Helloo from Shropshire!
« Reply #6 on: 15.04. 2019 00:28 »
Hey there, that's my neck o the woods in your pics. I've also just come into possession of an A10, though mines a little older than yours, loves it I do!
If you're planning another blast up this way, send me a PM, maybe meet up for a brew.
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