Author Topic: Aligning/indexing the gear change selector - interesting (solved) problem  (Read 217 times)

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Hi all

I have rebuilt my A10 gearbox recently - using the best bits out of three separate 'boxes (yes, I know before you all go on about doing such an horrific thing...  ;) ) and having got it together, it wouldn't change down properly and basically I had a box of neutrals and the odd gear, although all 4 did work nicely if you had the patience to try and find 'em.

Anyway, I suspected the indexing of the selector thingy, (even though i was convinced I'd lined it up correctly), but came to read this forum first to see what others had experienced. So often I read things here that help/confirm etc without needing to post anything.

Anyway, point of this post is that when I took the gearbox cover off, I was pretty fed up to find the alignment was spot on. Look at the pic - surely that is correct? I checked this post on the forum:

and looked at the picture there, where the spot on the moveable bit looks a tad high - certainly not as well lined up as mine. Anyway, as I could change up, but not down, I moved my selector to a position where the spot was now lower than the one on the case, and clearly not lined up as well... and it changes gear superbly and is back to how it used to be - apart from no longer jumping out of 2nd gear, which was why I replaced it  *smile*. I assume that if I could change down easily, but not up, I should have moved it a tooth the other way.

Anyway... if anyone searches the forum about this problem, all I can say from my experiences is that the dots 'sort-of' line up, but sometimes it's lower, sometimes its higher... (I really can't believe that my alignment was 'wrong' when looking at the photo.)
Hopefully someone will find this post useful if they are searching a similar problem.

Old bikes huh, aren't they wonderful...  *smile* *smile*
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Had exactly the same problem when I rebuilt my own box. Very frustrating, having overcome a myriad of worn / butchered internals to find it didn't work, despite having done everything correctly. These A10's no longer surprise me - seems they're a law unto themselves. Or thrown together might be a better description - no development or attention to detail; no wonder the Japanese strolled in. Yep, had to mis-align the dots on mine to get it to work.
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very interesting, built rrt2 a few times now messing about , I could nearly do it blindfold but guess what.... I had to move mine the smallest amount to get all the gears back. it all depends on how well seated the plunger rests in the cam plate in neutral in relation to the mating of the teeth on the arm and cam plate , that's what I found out anyway.