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Amal carbs restoration
« on: 15.04. 2019 17:29 »
Just had my Pre Mono 276 carb away to a chap to be restored. Having had a problem for quite some time with surging when on a run ( a bit like petrol starting to run out or just touching the brake ) around 50 mph or above. Never finding problem and then having it set fore due to petrol running out and igniting on the magneto 60miles from home, I was talking to the chap who helped me put the flames out and he gave me a contact for some chap who restores carbs. A bit sceptical I rang the man who proceeded to describe my symptoms as the symptoms of worn body and slide causing a loss of vacuum ?  Anyway he said he could not sort out the flooding due to sticking float valve but I could lap valve with fine paste and or brasso etc, but he could bore out the body and turn down the slide then solder on a piece of tube and machine it to fit the new size body so it fits together as new for £45 +return postage. Done and returned within the week.
For that price I decided to have a try before coughing up for a new monobloc . Having got it back and taking option for vapour blasting and re chrome plated screws for a little extra cost I am well chuffed with his work ,the slide is now a nice fit in the body instead of flopping about and looks like a new one . I am hoping to get some time this week to fit sort the float valve out and fit carb back on then after testing will report further but so far seems worth the money. Also came back with 2 a4 page instructions for setting up of these carbs with diagrams

Should anyone need any Amal carbs doing (both Monoblocs and Pre Monos are same prices ) then give him a ring on 02392  580708 after 6pm. His name is Kevin Traill  at Alverstoke Restorations in Gosport Hampshire  he is helpful and likes a chat
and no I am not related in any way and he gave his permission to put his details on here .   
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