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Re: Help fork disaster
« Reply #30 on: 13.05. 2019 13:08 »
HELP I had a really bad day yesterday, having the incorrrect fork sliders on my bike and it being fitted with the deep valance mudguard, as I had received my new stanchions, bushes seals and seal holders.

I decided to remove the the two Y bracket fixing studs from some scrap fork sliders then I removed the flat bracket from my forks using a thin disc cuttter and then some heat to soften the braze, then I welded the stud units in the correct place on my excisting fork sliders.

All good thus far, but the bushes would not slide down pas where I welded, it looks like the weld expanded the tubes inwards and possibly distorted the tubes as well, try as I could I could not cure the problem.

So has anyone any spare fork sliders they can sell me, the type that take the Y bracket for the mudguard and the half clamps for the wheel spindle, there are some on ebay I know, I have tried contacting the seller but have had no reply, looking at his feedback his communication skills is not one of his better traits.

Does this help? Sliders with local damage has been encountered (and fixed) before  *smile*

I’m actually trying to sell some fork sliders on fleabay but they are the very early (a7) type with only one mudguard lug so no good to you.
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Re: Help fork disaster
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Seems to me we've wandered a bit here. Originally it was about removing a dent, which is not exactly difficult to do. Sorting out a worn slider where the tube bore is oversize is an entirely different matter, which is what we had drifted on to and I was addressing in my last post. That'd be a nightmare of a job and, frankly, easier to make a new one.
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