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Re: Gearbox protection
« Reply #15 on: 25.05. 2019 11:41 »
Many thanks again for the latest comments - I know what you're all saying makes sense.

When I can eventually identify where this change of sound I'm hearing is coming from then I'll be able to tackle the job properly. Bear in mind I only detect it when I'm actually riding and then its intermittent and only in certain circumstances - so not that easy to pin point. I've had the bike for a few years now with no serious problems and since fitting SRM's 4 spring clutch the gear selection etc is easy and smooth and I can't hear anything unusual when going through the gears with the engine running and the bike on the main stand.

Everybody seems to think my intention is to add an additive in the hope it'll cure a known problem with the gearbox. I'm not, as I'm not that sure it is the gearbox, I just think it could be because of the circumstances in which I hear it.

I'd like to emphasise again that I wasn't thinking about an additive as a miracle cure but just as a test to see if it made the slightest of difference - and if (by a miracle) it did - then I'll know exactly where I need to look, than I can plan to strip it down. What I want to avoid is stripping the gearbox and clutch etc unnecessarily, especially in the riding season  *sad2*.

(Edit): Also I don't believe a modern additive designed today for specific use in a manual gearbox will do any harm (ok, may not do any good either) but for a tenner it's not a big deal.

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